$25,000 Picnic Giveaway!

$25,000 Picnic Giveaway!

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2018, MBS Knows Picnics would like to say thank you to a very lucky customer in the Summer of 2017.

Here are rules for winning a Free Picnic in 2018:

(1)  You must be a new or existing customer of MBS Knows Picnics in 2017.  You must have a guaranteed minimum final count of  150 paying guests over 5 years old to be eligible.  It doesn’t matter if your Picnic is held at one our venues, a local park, or in your company parking lot.

(2)  The value of your  Free Picnic in 2018 is capped at $25,0000. If you win and spend more, you are responsible for the balance and taxes.  If you win and spend less, your 2018 Free Picnic value will be equal  to what you spent with MBS in 2017. You are still responsible for the taxes.

(3)  The number  of entries into the MBS 25th Anniversary promotion will be capped at 25 participants.

(4)  The first 25 Picnic deposits received by MBS for a 2017 Picnic, starting July 1, 2016, will be the only eligible customers included in the chance to win a Free Picnic in 2018.

(5)  Your 2017 Picnic has to culminate and be paid in full in 2017. No Picnic cancellations in 2017 will be considered in the  promotion.  If this situation should occur, the 26th deposit we receive will now become eligible for a Free Picnic in 2018. And so on down the line.

(6)  The drawing for the 2018 Free Picnic will be held on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 12:00PM.

To further verify this promotion, MBS Knows Picnics has hired the accounting firm of Howard S. Levine
to oversee the entire process (856-770-1900/ They will have knowledge and records of every customer  of MBS Knows Picnics who has become eligible for this promotion. They will also draw the winner of the 2018 Free Picnic and notify the organization.

We hope you see this as a great opportunity to affiliate with an experienced Picnic planner.

Best of luck & thank you for trusting MBS Knows Picnics to organize great Picnics the last 25 years!

Marc  B. Shikes
MBS Know Picnics, LLC


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