Picnic In A Local Park


MBS-Knows-Picnics-parkIf you want to have your Picnic in your current surroundings, consider calling a local park. Many townships have beautiful areas for 100-350 guests. The parks charge a nominal fee to rent a nice area for five hours. Then, your Picnic can be coordinated by MBS Knows Picnics. We will provide your guests with an activity-filled, memory making afternoon. One price. All Inclusive.

Our team has the experience needed for a Picnic at a local park. We ask the necessary questions to attain the needed answers: Are there covered pavilions and seating? Restrooms? Electricity? These are just a few questions that need to be addressed in order to have a successful event. Since there are very few amenities at your park, our entertainment counselors will help initiate and run fun, easy going games throughout the afternoon.

Our all inclusive package is created to meet your Picnic in a Park needs. Great barbecue food, children’s games, linen table cloths, prizes, and more. A tremendous value for your budget. Feel free to call or email me. We can quickly determine if our organizations are a Picnic match.


  • Reichler Park- South Brunswick
  • Roosevelt Park- Edison
  • Thompson Park- Lincroft


  • Freedom Park-¬†Randolph
  • Olsen Park-Bogota
  • Wheeler Park- Linden


Photo slideshow of Reichler Park in South Brunswick, NJ


Our Company Picnics Are A Huge Success!

Thank you, Marc, for arranging our 2015 company picnic at the JCC Camps on such short notice! We put our trust into you and your staff and it paid off. We look forward to using MBS in 2016.

Jason Liebowitz- AnnieMac

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