Church Picnics


MBS-Knows-Picnics-church-picnicsEvery calendar year, Church congregations like to promote very family-oriented gatherings. Currently, Summer Picnics have become a very popular event to stage during the months of May-September. Our Church customers enjoy a very private Picnic, with plenty food, action and entertainment for all the guests.

If your church is located in Philadelphia, all of New Jersey, or the 5 boroughs of New York,
MBS Knows Picnics can organize your Picnic for you. One of our affiliated day camp venues will serve as your location for the day. Complete with swimming, boating, and all athletic fields, MBS Knows Picnics day camps are geographically suitable for your Church members.

MBS-Knows-Picnics-church-picnics2One of our favorite services is providing transportation for your guests. My affiliated bus company will pick your guests up at your Church, take them to your venue, and bring them home. This generally allows for more of your Church congregation to attend the picnic.

At MBS Knows Picnics, we understand, in many cases, each family is responsible for the payment of their own group. We provide your Church with the most cost-effective, viable option. The six hour Picnic we organize will be all about family, fun, and great food!! Thank you for the consideration.


Our Company Picnics Are A Huge Success!

Hi Marc.  After 8 years of working together on our company picnic, I want to let the picnic planners out there know what a pleasure it is working with your company! Each and every year you have our picnic planned, without mistakes, from beginning to end at the Harbor Hills Day Camp. You pay attention to our details. Thank you and your staff.

Barbara Sanchez- JP Morgan Chase

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