Corporate Picnics

As the heart and soul of MBS Knows Picnics, the corporate picnic has been the primary reason we have achieved success in this industry. Our ability to work well with the Picnic Committees has led to many memory-filled days for the employees and their families. Staying within your Picnic budget, while still providing a high quality product, will make your decision to work with MBS Knows Picnics the right one.

Your decision to have a Company Picnic can arrive at any time of the year. If you are going off premise, one of my day camp venues will surely provide your company with an exclusive, amenity-filled Picnic day. The children will be occupied the entire day, the barbecue buffet will be plentiful for five hours, and the time spent together with your co-workers will help promote a “family” atmosphere.

On your Picnic day, the attention we dedicate to your group is constant and professional.  Your camp is decorated with company colored balloons and company colored linen table cloths on all the picnic tables. Your children will receive a novelty prize when they arrive. The pools will be ready to go and the music will be creating a positive picnic vibe.
The barbecue menu you select will be cooked and served for five unlimited continuous hours. All of your entrees and salads are labeled on the buffet for your convenience. The serve staff wears gloves throughout the day when catering to our customers. We put a heavy emphasis on cleanliness and safety in your dining area. All non-alcoholic beverages are self serve. No cans or bottles are used.

If your company can answer “Yes” to half of the following questions regarding your picnic, please consider MBS Knows Picnics. We very well could be a great match!

Do we want an exclusive venue for my group?
Has my company been attending the same Picnic venue for 5 or more years?
Has attendance been dropping at my current company picnic?
Have the employees been asking for a change?
Has my current picnic location gotten too expensive?
Does my company need a more centralized place to have the picnic?
Has the overall quality of food or service been lessened at my current picnic?
Does management want a more “family” atmosphere at my picnic?

Check out a highlight of one of our latest corporate picnics below!

Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

After years of planning, working and taking care of our company picnic in-house with limited staff and resources and tons of manpower hours we decided to outsource it. We looked at several companies and ultimately decided to go with Marc. For the past two years we have had Marc do our company picnic and he is easy to work with, creative and hard working. His team was excellent and friendly. They made the experience really great. I would recommend anyone looking to have a company picnic and not have the headache of having to plan it themselves they should contact Marc and allow him and his team to work their magic. Well worth the investment. Marc’s attention to detail will allow you and your team to enjoy the event rather than worry about anything that day! I highly recommend him and his team!

  • Susan N. Eckert, SPHR Director of Human Resources – parx casino

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