While determining that MBS Knows Picnics is your best option for your next Picnic, let’s answer a few questions that may be on your mind.

Is my Picnic budget going to increase by working with MBS?
Not at all. There are no additional fees applied to work with MBS Knows Picnics.

If I want to book my Picnic with MBS, how can I hold my date?
MBS would require a nominal deposit to solidify any date. All deposits received by MBS Knows Picnics are given a “back-out” date to cancel and get a refund in full.

Can I bring alcohol to the Picnic?
MBS Knows Picnics will offer a beer and wine cooler set up as an addition to your package. Bringing alcohol to the Picnic is strictly prohibited.

What should I bring on my Picnic day?
On your Picnic day, MBS Knows Picnics suggest that you bring your personal sports equipment: baseball gloves & bats, fishing rods & bait, roller blades, tennis racket & balls, a change of clothes, and camera.

Are pets allowed at the Picnic?
Pets are strictly prohibited from attending the Picnic.

Are there any hotels in the vicinity of my Picnic?
All of the day camp venues that MBS Knows Picnics is affiliated have major hotel chains within 15 miles of each camp.

On my Picnic day, what if it is raining in the morning?
You can call our MBS Picnic Hotline at 1-877-238-759 to find out the status of your Picnic.

Can I get a rain date for my Picnic?
When you book a Picnic with MBS Knows Picnics at any of the camps, you would be able to postpone your Picnic as late as the morning of your Picnic date. There would be a small charge incurred by you to switch to a new date.

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