High School Senior/Junior Class Picnics

Getting together with classmates one last time before graduation is a time honored tradition that Seniors and other graduates look forward to. At MBS Knows Picnics, we understand how to create the atmosphere that is needed to have a successful Senior Class Picnic! We can create this wonderful afternoon at one of my venues or at your High School.

From the time the Seniors arrive by bus, they are treated to an unlimited barbecue menu for four hours. Food cooked and served only for your kids. the venues all have swimming poolsols, lakes to go boating, and all athletic fields.

At your picnic, the children will participate in plenty of action. While all the classmates “catch up,” we have camp counselors that run activities every hour. Prizes and ribbons are always awarded. There are always trained lifeguards at your private pool and the lake all day. Pony rides and face painting are always included on your picnic day.

The barbecue at your reunion is traditional and plentiful for five hours. Your dining area will be decorated with balloons and linen tablecloths in your reunion colors. A giant banner welcoming your class will look great. And a disc jockey playing all the music you grew up with will emcee for five hours.

We understand that each family that is attending the reunion picnic will be bearing the expense of this day. Our price structure should make this an affordable, full family day. Thank you for the consideration!

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