Family Reunions

Family reunions are all about generations getting together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s timeless stories. A special day with lots of new memories.

If your organization is opting to have their family reunion Picnic in New Jersey or New York, MBS Knows Picnics will organize the most important details of your picnic. A location which provides outstanding amenities, food packages designed for your family and complete privacy for the day are a few of the many commitments we make to your family.

All of our picnic facilities are within 10 miles each of a major NJ/NY highway. The hotels which are in the surrounding area provide a pleasant stay for your family. We have a transportation service which will commute all the families to the picnic facility throughout the day.

On your family reunion Picnic day, you will be welcomed to the camp by our staff. Our “MBS Hospitality Carts” will assist your Seniors/Elderly family members with their belongings and getting them to your exclusive pavilion. Your pool will be open, the amenities will be available, and the food will be coming right off the grill. Your pavilion will be decorated with balloons and linen tablecloths in your favorite two colors.

During the day, your family is free to enjoy the camp or relax in the pavilion. For the children, there will be pony rides and face painting available. All children will receive a little novelty prize when they arrive. Music is optional to you. Customized family reunion t-shirts or other memorialized gifts are available upon request.

We communicate with you during the entire organizing process and oversee your event on picnic day. Our entire staff is experienced, friendly, and helpful. Thank you!

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